Finding the pearl within you

Meet Coach Alina

Meet Coach Alina

Hello and welcome! My name is Alina Warner and I am a Certified Health Coach. My journey to become a health coach was inspired by children. Having seen the downward trends in health, leading to shorter life spans, I knew something needed to change. I began by developing and teaching an enrichment program to teach healthy eating habits to elementary-aged children kids that touched on the basics of nutrition, exercise, healthy foods and how to read ingredients. The students in my class were remarkable. They embraced my teaching with curiosity and a desire to try new healthy things. Their minds were open and ready to learn and experiment. Soon, I came to the realization that — in order to have lasting impact on children's health — parents and other adults in children's lives needed education too. After all, adults are the ones buying and preparing food. I realized that helping adults to make improvements in their health will, in turn, result in better health for all our children.

Being an avid learner all my life, I dove into researching what training programs would best fit my needs for becoming a certified health coach. I enrolled in the Health Coach Institute program and, eight months later, earned my certification. I left my corporate job to follow my dream and launched my career as a health coach. Encouraged by the success of my early clients, Wellness Within You was born with a single goal: to make our community healthier one person at a time!

Wellness is Within You, just like a pearl is inside an oyster. It takes effort and patience to break the oyster open and free the pearl. Your health and wellness is that precious pearl! I am here to help you break the “oyster” and reveal what is preventing you from discovering the wellness that lives within you: unwanted behaviors, bad habits and personal struggles.

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finding the pearl within you

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Transformat​ional Health Coaching

Transformational Health Coaching is all about enabling healthy habits that last a lifetime. I will be there with you step-by-step on your journey to better health, holding you accountable and providing the support you need. As a result, you will begin to behave differently without having to remember to be different.

Wellness Talks

Book corporate or small group training on a variety of wellness topics. I provide easy to understand instruction to groups and organizations. You may also select to provide corporate wellness coaching for your entire corporation.

What our clients say


  • Alina was a wonderful and encouraging help. Her creative suggestions to solutions in life, diet, and career included novel additions and also reinforcement for some things that I've always known but perhaps not considered in certain lights. I personally didn't require being held accountable, but Alina was super great about individually personalizing my program and I can see how this aspect can be really helpful for others. I learned a good amount of things in our time together and recommend her help. Thanks again!
    Thank you!
  • I have been flirting with a healthy lifestyle for at least a couple of years now, but found stress and lack of time as good excuses for eating whatever there was in the fridge and for not exercising at all. In the 90-day program, Coach Alina taught me that if you don’t have time, you can definitely make time. With the help of a few healthy recipes & valuable guidance from her, my eating habits have changed for good. Not only that I greatly reduced the amount of meat in my diet, but now, a couple of weeks after the program, I am in the 11th day of a 15-day detox. I feel great! Also, from walking at most 5,000 steps a day and crashing on the couch every evening I am now striving for 10,000 steps daily, besides doing short strength exercises, dancing with my kids, biking, and attending core training classes. I am down 10lbs from the beginning of the program and I am still counting. A very important learning from the program is that all is in your head, and how you think about a healthy lifestyle can help you accomplish your health goals. Coach Alina certainly made me think about my health and wellness in the right way.
    Made Me Think!
  • "I live a fairly healthy lifestyle already, but Alina has helped me overcome some blocks to my best health that I could not get through on my own. In our last session, she helped me to see that I am holding pain in my low back when I get stressed. She took me through an exercise where I identified the pain, and discovered some emotions and beliefs around it that were blocking me from health. I learned that I was having trouble asking for help, and also I didn't see that I had other options besides pushing through. This is why I had often pushed myself to the point of being in pain, and feeling fatigued. Alina gave me tips for slowing down and breaking big tasks into smaller chunks. Now I am learning to listen to my body more, and speak up when I need help. I'm taking steps to break down my tasks better so I don't deplete myself. In doing this, I have more energy, because that back pain was making me feel exhausted too. Alina is both practical and insightful, and she is especially talented at connecting the dots between the body, soul, and spirit. I highly recommend working with her, especially if you need more energy, or are feeling stuck in an area of your health or life. Thanks Alina for helping me have more energy and gain better health!
    Gain Better Health
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Savory Squash Soup

Here is one of my favorite fall recipes, using in season ingredients to help warm up your soul. 1 medium butternut squash or 2 smaller acorn squash 1 carrot 1 medium onion 1 stalk celery 1 zucchini (peeled) 2 tbs butter or olive oil (vegan option) Salt, pepper to taste ½ tsp cumin ½ tsp…

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A pretty salad? Why not?

I have to admit I am very proud of my garden. Although I can not take much credit for the early spring tiling and prepping, and even some planting, I do take good care of my garden afterwards. I learned that if I do not pick the goodies every other day, the zucchini and cucumbers…

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